…And still catching up

The Trifid Nebula – M20 Here’s a shot of the Trifid Nebula – meaning “three lobed”, designation M20. Taken spur-of-the-moment, this is a single 3-minute exposure taken at 6400 ISO. I almost never shoot at 6400, but was looking for instant gratification and figured I’d give it a try. My Canon camera delivered after just […]

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Catching Up

Yes, it’s catch up time starting with this reminder – keep looking up! As an astrophotographer – amateurish as I may be, I often forget those words. I’m far too engrossed in staring at my computer screen. I’m computing all day. Work, web, emails and spreadsheets. Fortunately, my distain for cell phones (mostly) spares me […]

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An eclipse – and a Hat?

I could have been a Jedi Knight on the evening of May 15, 2022 as my laser pointer cut green swaths though the thick, summer-like evening fog. The day’s thunderstorms finally gave way – just in time…to the soupy evening humidity as the sky eerily opened up a filtered view of the eclipsing moon. Fortunate […]

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As the worlds – move?

You probably didn’t need me to tell you this – but our worlds are moving! I was working on some images of Saturn that I collected on September 19th and noticed its rings were in partial shadow, whereas the next most recent image showed no shadow at all. We know that the orbit of Saturn […]

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Sometimes you get lucky

Planetary image processing has never been my thing, as I mentioned in a recent blog entry. There are lots of examples of amateur astronomers producing great planetary results all over the web. I like looking at planets but the processing part has always seemed tedious. And in case you haven’t noticed – I’m a Mac […]

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Annular Eclipse

Overlooking Lake Champlain from a vantage point just south of Plattsburgh, NY., the 2021 annular eclipse reached a maximum obscuration of nearly 78% at 5:38 AM on June 10th. I caught a few shots through persistent high clouds around that time. I took these through my CPC-800 telescope, a Canon T5i, and using an ƒ6.3 […]

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2021 Annular Eclipse Preview

I’m not a morning person! Camping out and preparing the night before was the only way I’d be up to catch this sight. Even so, I didn’t get much sleep. Here’s a preview until I recover. Early morning distant clouds added an eerie air to this photo of the annular eclipse as viewed from a […]

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Round and round like a whirlpool

Greetings. What’s a blog if there’s no blogging? Moldy bread? Maybe a dying star? No, just a busy blogger’s time warp. Time for a quick update. The pandemic certainly curtailed my stargazing activities for the past year, and then the cold dreary winter set in. Still there were a few glimpses of light. Last summer […]

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