CPC-800 Tips

Resetting the GPS module

My GPS module became unresponsive after about ten months of ownership and then again in the spring of 2017, and yet again in April 2018! The GPS apparently stops working and the telescope is unable to complete its GPS link. But all is not lost. It’s possible to recover from this and I’ve developed a reset procedure that involves opening the fork arm and discharging the super-capacitor. Here’s a write-up of the procedure: CPC-800 GPS Failures.

Replacing the Front-Cell

I damaged the front cell due to an unfortunate accident! The front cell is the chunk of metal at the front of the scope that contains the corrector lens. That seems pretty serious and it was scary watching my telescope crash to the ground, almost in slow motion! But I did manage to repair it.

The Ubiquitous ST-4 Port

Check out my blog entry about the ST-4 port on the CPC-800.

Celestron Heavy Duty Wedge

Not really a CPC-800 tip, but check out my wedge tip.