Darker and Starrier

Another gorgeous night at the cemetery on 7/26/22, and I’m continuing my flirtations with M101. A little less sky glow than from my previous attempt at the Pinwheel Galaxy, and a little cooler – less thermal noise in the camera. And, I timed it just right with my failing battery and managed to capture 53 images.

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A dark and starry night

And stormy? Distant lightning was evident on the horizon, despite better than average transparency overhead and the beautifully clear sky from horizon to horizon. Yet, distant flashes punctuated the otherwise perfect night. No matter, the lightening must have been quite some distance away.

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Catching Up

Yes, it’s catch up time starting with this reminder – keep looking up! As an astrophotographer – amateurish as I may be, I often forget those words. I’m far too engrossed in staring at my computer screen. I’m computing all day. Work, web, emails and spreadsheets. Fortunately, my distain for cell phones (mostly) spares me […]

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