Darker and Starrier

Another gorgeous night at the cemetery on 7/26/22, and I’m continuing my flirtations with M101. A little less sky glow than my previous attempt at the Pinwheel Galaxy, and a little cooler – less thermal noise in the camera. And, I timed it just right with my failing battery and managed to capture 53 images.

There were a surprising number with annoying satellite trails. Those satellites are becoming a real detriment to our night sky. Did Elon Musk ask you or the other 7 billion inhabitants if it was OK to ruin the starry sky for everyone – all on his own? He didn’t ask me!

Anyway, I was still able to use some of those images in the stack. I left them in if they weren’t too bright. They’re uncorrelated frame-to-frame and tend to drop out in the averaging – like the noise that they are!

Here’s another look at the Pinwheel Galaxy:

M101 – The Pinwheel Galaxy. 47, 2-minute exposures @ 1600iso and f6.3.

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