I took some more images on October 2nd, with the moon nearly full and so less-than-dark skies. Using the Celestron wedge I was able to get 2-minute exposures. The wedge still offers no guarantee that the tracking will be perfect nor be free from other inaccuracies. But I did get some decent images and the tracking is good enough that field rotation is no longer a problem. Further practice and “drift alignments” could produce better results in the future.

Here’s the latest Dumbbell Nebula photo after processing and with 2×2 binning, followed by the September 26th image for comparison:

2017-10-02 Dumbbell 120s 800ISO 4stacked binned 2x2
Dumbbell Nebula. 120s 800ISO, 4 subs, 2×2 binned, synthetic flat-field. Using the Celestron Wedge.
2017-09-26 Dumbell Nebula 1.0
Dumbbell Nebula, 60s 800ISO and similar processing. Using the wooden wedge mentioned in the September blog entry.

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