Updated Andromeda Photo

I’ve been working a bit on my March 19 wide-field image of Andromeda. There’s not a lot of signal in that two-minute exposure and I’ve had to stretch it quite a bit. I used bad pixel mapping this time instead of dark frame subtraction to remove the hot pixels from my Canon 40D and a little noise reduction. I think the results are improved.

The weather here of course – has been miserable. A spring snow storm dumped 4″ of wet ice crystals that we’ve been sloshing through since last week, and it has remained usettled for the past week. The upcoming weekend forecast shows some clearing – finally! I’m hoping to spy comet C/2016 N6 (PANSTARRS), which should be nicely placed for observation from my backyard.

Here’s that shot of Andromeda:

pproc_bpm 120s 800iso 4C curves, greycstore IMG_5657 Framed

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