Updated Andromeda Photo

I’ve been working a bit on my March 19 wide-field image of Andromeda. There’s not a lot of signal in that two-minute exposure and I’ve had to stretch it quite a bit. I used bad pixel mapping this time instead of dark frame subtraction to remove the hot pixels from my Canon 40D and a […]

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Andromeda in the Woods

Here’s the result of processing a wide-field view of Andromeda, taken on March 19: This was a 2-minute piggy-back camera exposure with a 50 mm lens. In other words, with the camera sitting atop the CPC-800 telescope and tracking the sky. An equatorial wedge was used to eliminate field rotation during the 2-minute exposure.

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The Ubiquitous ST-4 Port

Many telescope mounts have ST-4 auto-guider ports, including my Celestron CPC-800. My ASI120MC-S camera includes a “ST-4 compatible” auto-guider port and came with a cable for connection to the telescope mount. I wanted to know more about how the telescope responded to inputs on the ST-4 port.

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Resetting the GPS – Again!

I mentioned a couple of days ago that my GPS failed again for the third time! Well, it doesn’t really fail, but rather gets confused. It’s an annoyance. I reset the GPS module last night and its working again. Still, it’s a pain in the butt. I’ve written up the procedure in this .pdf file:  […]

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March, 2018

March madness is all the rage. To me, that means everyone’s following the follies of over-paid athletes running around like a bunch of neanderthals! Sorry and I know I’m the outlier. But I’d rather be playing with my telescope! Meanwhile, it’s been a long winter of cloudy nights and freezing temperatures. You may recall that […]

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